Coding for Kids and Beginners: Learn Scratch Programming

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  • 149 students
  • 38 lessons
  • 3 quizzes
  • 10 week duration
149 students
What you’ll learn
  • Coding: Using block coding and fundamentals of programming.
  • Making your own art, music, games, and animation using coding
  • Understand complex computer science concepts by intuitively applying them in games
  • Familiar with computer and internet
  • Basic understanding of logical interpretation
  • Students will we awarded with Certificate of Completion



If you have never used Scratch then this is the perfect course for you.

Scratch was developed by MIT to help young people aged 8 – 16 understand programming visually, but if your in this age or not then scratch can be an amazing way to understand programming for the first time as it is visual.

Because its visual it helps to explain easily what is a variable or loop or method is or action.

If you have tried to learn programming languages like python or javascript or c++ you may feel overwhelmed. But by learning scratch first these confusing things like ‘variable or loop’ etc as mentioned will be so much easier to you when you take on these more advanced languages as you would of visually seen how they work.


Who this course is for:
  • Students who are willing to learn to code
  • Intended for students of ages 8+

You will learn projects  like :

Ping Pong Ball Game

Heart Chasing Parrot Game

Balloon Click Game


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₹3,000.00 ₹600.00